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"Now" is out now
December 1st, 2012 !

Robby Schmidt has been writing music since the mid-seventies, all the while playing live with various bands in countless venues. He makes the stage his home – wildly rocking out
and dancing around or softly singing his ballads when sitting by the piano.
In each and every case he draws and holds the attention of everyone in the audience.

Robby began singing before he could even speak, and after several years of piano lessons, he taught himself to play the guitar. At the age of seventeen, he began playing live on small stages in and around his hometown of Darmstadt, Germany. During September 2009, Robby started working on his first solo album, produced by Johannes Luley at My Sonic Temple in Los Angeles, USA. “Now it’s time to share the wealth of my songs and let the world hear what I've been up to all these years.”, says Robby, “It’s gonna be a collection of some of my strongest songs.”

The Album at hand shows the essentials of a unique artist, a mirror of thirty years of musicianship and songwriting . . .




01 - Yellowland

02 - Like To Be

03 - Be Good

04 - Come Home For A Longer Time

05 - Ambulance

06 - Alright

07 - Going Under

08 - Sorry 4 U

09 - Thinking Knowing Being

10 - Jackie

11 - She Paints The Morning Sky

12 - She's Out

13 - Chain

14 - Seven O'Clock

15 - Hometown




Johannes Luley

Music Production
13200 Warren Avenue,
Los Angeles-Mar Vista, CA 90066
Ralf Gerhard

Mozartstraße 39
D-64347 Griesheim

phone: +49 (0)6155 - 1359
cell:     +49 (0)151 - 5895 4493

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